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admin | February 5, 2013

It’s hard to believe it, but Regenerate is ten years old! Since our humble beginnings in the fourth room of Loughborough SU, we’ve worked our way up through the rooms of the union to the main auditorium, holding 1000 house fans, and spread our wings around Europe, including the UK, Spain and Portugal.

We’ve also gone digital, releasing music and mixes, and hosting radio shows and guesting on the shows of others.

Over all this time, we’ve always held true to our initial vision of an eclectic mix of genres of underground and hands in the air dance music. As a result we have a huge array of amazing tracks that have put people on the dance floor for the last 10 years. And we want to share them!

So we’ve created the Regenerate 10 series of podcasts – 16 shows spanning the best music of Regenerate, as picked by Phoenix 6, the intergalactic DeeJays, the VRB project, Phil Wilshaw and F8.

We can’t wait to share these with you, every month in the podcast stream for every month of our tenth year.

The mixes will be taking the form of a virtual night out with the Regenerate DJs, starting at 6:00pm in the pool bars of Ibiza, and continuing through all our favourite venues and timeslots in 90 minute intervals, until we arrive back at the hotel balcony at 10:30am the next day for some Chillout. Along the way we’ll be taking in house, techno, trabce, progressive, drum & bass and more.

We can’t wait to show these to you, and we hope you have as much fun listening as we did putting them together!

Update: We’ve added a bonus mix for the other bits we couldn’t fit in the main mixes!

RGR-POD-048: RGR10 Part 1: The Pool Bar (18:00) (Mixed by Phil Wilshaw (Phoenix 6))
RGR-POD-049: RGR10 Part 2: The Sunset Bar (19:30) (Mixed by Phil Wilshaw (Phoenix 6))
RGR-POD-050: RGR10 Part 3: The Courtyard Bar (21:00) (Mixed by F8)
RGR-POD-051: RGR10 Part 4: The Fusion Mix (22:30) (Mixed by The Intergalactic DJs)
RGR-POD-052: RGR10 Part 5: The Paget Street Mix (18:00) (Mixed by The VRB Project)
RGR-POD-053: RGR10 Part 6: The Bocca Terrace (19:30) (Mixed by Phoenix 6)
RGR-POD-054: RGR10 Part 7: The Bocca Bar (21:00) (Mixed by Phoenix 6)
RGR-POD-055: RGR10 Part 8: The Warmup (22:30) (Mixed by The VRB Project)
RGR-POD-056: RGR10 Part 9: The Disco Trance Basement (00:00) (Mixed by The VRB Project)
RGR-POD-057: RGR10 Part 10: The Laser-Lit Podium (01:30) (Mixed by Phoenix 6)
RGR-POD-058: RGR10 Part 11: The Radmoor Road Mix (03:00) (Mixed by Phoenix 6)
RGR-POD-059: RGR10 Part 12: The Strobe Room (04:30) (Mixed by The VRB Project)
RGR-POD-060: RGR10 Part 13: The Discoteca (06:00) (Mixed by Phoenix 6)
RGR-POD-061: RGR10 Part 14: House Party at the MoFo Mansion (07:30) (Mixed by The Intergalactic DJs)
RGR-POD-062: RGR10 Part 15: Drum & Bass Breakfast (09:00) (Mixed by The Intergalactic DJs)
RGR-POD-063: RGR10 Part 16: The Hotel Balcony (10:30) (Mixed by Phil Wilshaw (Phoenix 6))
RGR-POD-064: RGR10 Bonus Mix (Mixed by Phil Wilshaw (Phoenix 6))

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    01. The Vault (original mix)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    02. The Vault (original dub)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    RGR-POD-106: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 11 – 100 BPM) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
    Phil Wilshaw

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