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The Intergalactic DJs

RGR-POD-100.8: PREgenerate Part 8: House Party at the 90s Mansion – Mixed by The Intergalactic DJs

The Intergalactic DJs | March 30, 2021 close

Well hello, what an episode we have for you today! Quite unlike anything we have ever done before at Regenerate. This is Phil Wilshaw from the VRB project, Phoenix 6, and also for today, the intergalactic DJs. We’re now moving in to 4AM on March 30th 2021, and we’re together […]

RGR-POD-061: RGR10 Part 14: House Party at the MoFo Mansion (07:30) – Mixed Live by The Intergalactic DJs

The Intergalactic DJs | March 1, 2014 close

Hello hello, welcome to another regenerate podcast, with me, Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. Today we’re continuing our journey through the first 10 years of regenerate with a special “house party” style mix, recorded live a couple of months back. This is all the big floor filler sounds from regenerate, […]

RGR-POD-051: RGR10 Part 4: The Fusion Mix (22:30) – Mixed by The Intergalactic DJs

The Intergalactic DJs | May 1, 2013 close
keyboard_arrow_down Hello hello, hello, hello and indeed hello, from us all of us at regenerate! As always, I’m Phil Wilshaw, and this is episode 51 of the regenerate podcast, where we ontinue our journey through the highlights of 10 years of regenerate with mixes containing the biggest and most special […]

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    01. The Vault (original mix)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    02. The Vault (original dub)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    RGR-POD-101: Vile Rickshaw Bed – Mixed by The VRB Project
    The VRB Project

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