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RGR-BONUS-010: Pool Bar Sessions (Parts 2-5) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Phil Wilshaw | June 22, 2021 close

1. Slusnik Luna – Sun (DJ Orion & J Shore Remix) 2. Jam & Spoon – Stella 3. John Johnson – London 4. Albion – Air (Original Mix) 5. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (original) 6. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Lounge Conjunction remix) 7. X-Pact – The Ocean (Original Version) 8. […]

RGR-POD-102: Melodic House Twin Pack – Mixed by Skippy Dip (Liam Fitzpatrick)

Skippy Dip | May 1, 2020 close

Hello from me Phil Wilshaw and all of Phoenix 6 and Regenerate, as I welcome you back to the regenerate podcast, today with episode 102. As promised we’re getting into more brand new stuff with the return of Liam Fitpatrick in the guise of his side-project skippy dip. This little […]

RGR-POD-101: Vile Rickshaw Bed – Mixed by The VRB Project

The VRB Project | April 4, 2021 close

Hello hello from everyone at Regenerate. This is Episode 101 of the regenerate Podcast, and I’m Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. Today, You’ll be pleased to hear that normal service will be resumed, after our look back at all the songs that helped shape Phoenix 6 prior to Regenerate. Episode […]

RGR-POD-100.9: PREgenerate Part 9: Previously unheard projects – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Phil Wilshaw | April 3, 2021 close

Hello and welcome to the ninth and final part of Episode 100 of the Regenerate Podcast. I’m Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6, and you’re here with me to celebrate 18 years of Regenerate Every 100 hours for the last 33 days, we’ve brought you another slice of history – the […]

RGR-POD-094: Vicious Rabbit Balloons – Mixed by The VRB Project

The VRB Project | September 1, 2020 close

Hello hello, and welcome to episode 94 of the regenerate podcast with me, Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. Today i am super excited to bring to you the return of the creamy cream of phoenix 6, missing in action sicne episode 59, and making a very welcome comeback…it’s the VRB […]

RGR-POD-092: The Deep Lights – Mixed by The Deep Lights

The Deep Lights | July 1, 2020 close

Welcome everyone from all of us at Regenerate to Episode 92 of this, the Regenerate Podcast. If you’re a long time listener, you’ll know that Regenerate started out as a night playing all kinds of dance music in loughborough, 17 years ago. Because of that foundation, our podcast always showcases […]

RGR-POD-085: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 8) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Phil Wilshaw | December 30, 2019 close
keyboard_arrow_down Hello, and happy christmas, from me, Phil Wilshaw and all the team at Regenerate. Today is episode 85, our last one of 2019. We’re a bit later than usual unfortunately as i was busy cooking the christmas dinner for our number one fan – my mum. Hi mum!!! She’s […]

RGR-POD-078: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 7) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

Phil Wilshaw | May 12, 2019 close

Hello again everyone, and welcome to episode 78 of the Regenerate podcast, coming to you from the MoFo Mansion Studios in London As always, I’m Phil Wilshaw, here to squeeze the finest premium quality regenerate beats down the internet cables and into your ears, whever you might be on planet […]

BONUS MIX 003: Summer 2011 Promo – Mixed by Flat Lau

Flat Lau | February 13, 2019
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Sometimes in life, things can fall between the cracks of the sofa, only to spark joy on their rediscovery. It might be a scrunched up twenty, a lost phone charger, or like today, three mixes we thought were gone forever. Full disclosure – the audio quality is pretty rubbish, which […]

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    01. The Vault (original mix)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    02. The Vault (original dub)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    RGR-POD-105: Poolside Disco Part 2 – Mixed by Rutendo Moses
    Rutendo Moses

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