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RGR-POD-094: Vicious Rabbit Balloons – Mixed by The VRB Project

The VRB Project | September 1, 2020
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    RGR-POD-094: Vicious Rabbit Balloons – Mixed by The VRB Project
    The VRB Project

Hello hello, and welcome to episode 94 of the regenerate podcast with me, Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. Today i am super excited to bring to you the return of the creamy cream of phoenix 6, missing in action sicne episode 59, and making a very welcome comeback…it’s the VRB project! These guys were a cornerstone of regenerate for a long time, back when we really majored on progressive sounds, and honestly this mix is full of new stuff but sounds like it picks up right where they left off. Whenever we do Phoenix 6 mixes, you can always hear a bit of that progressive sound sneak in, and this month it became obvious that these guys needed a full set of their own, so here they are with 120 minutes of ear candy that sounds equally good on the dancefloor and on the sofa. To find out more about them, make sure you check out the website, and also the 10 years of regenerate mixes they did back around episode 50 to 60, because honestly they will not disappoint. So with that said, VRB project… let’s get to it!

1. BRONSON (ODESZA + Golden Features) – FOUNDATION (Original Mix)
2. BRONSON (ODESZA + Golden Features) – BLINE (Original Mix)
3. Abstraxion – Blackout (Original Mix)
4. Convergence System, Pontias – Go Bro (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix)
5. Kurtz – Mind Trap (Original Mix)
6. The Guesser – Human Like You (Original Mix)
7. Tilt – Sinai (Holy Mountain Mix)
8. Alex Aguayo – Incorrect Energy (Original Mix)
9. Ryad – Universe (Original Mix)
10. Colorblind – On The Other Side (Original Mix)
11. Scarlet Supernova – Domino (Original Mix)
12. Scolario, Basstakil – Kalla (Original Mix)
13. Hidden Adventures – Orion (Original Mix)
14. SevenEver, Coffee Face – Siberia (feat. SevenEver) (QDream Remix)
15. Miqayel Voskanyan, Armat, Masha Mnjoyan – Hov Areq (feat. Miqayel Voskanyan & Masha Mnjoyan) (Domased Electronica Remix)
16. P.R.O.S.T. – Weekdays (Original Mix)
17. D-Formation, GRAZZE – Howth (Original Mix)
18. Hrag Mikkel, Pambouk – Renaissance
19. Cee Project – Snam (Houzy Mix)
20. GAR – The Day After The Apocalpyse (Original mix)
21. UNICK (Gr) – Insurrection (Original Mix)
22. Myriad Suns – Flower (Esoku Remix)
23. A.Germanova, BroCan – Roses (Vtecha Remix)
24. Daniel Richards – Voices In My Head (Niko De Angelis Dub Mix)
25. Fluida – Indian Kicks (Extended Mix)

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    01. The Vault (original mix)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    02. The Vault (original dub)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    RGR-POD-106: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 11 – 100 BPM) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
    Phil Wilshaw

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