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RGR-POD-104: July 2021 Tech House Promo – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

admin | July 1, 2021

Hello again one and all, and welcome to episode 104 of the regenerate podcast, coming to you this week from a mystery location in Surrey. My name is Phil Wilshaw, and each month, together with the rest of the regenerate residents, I’ll be bringing you the best of our night “Regenerate”. Regenerate is a fairly eclectic night and now podcast, starting pretty relaxed and housey, and building up through tech house or progressive, and occasionally descending into drum and bass at the end of the night. If you want to find out more about us, you can head to, ping me personally on twitter @philwilshaw, or even take a time machine back to the late 90s and email us at which is definitely working again. My only advice is that if you want to email me to tell me i always announce the genres wrong…i don’t care. In the last 30 days i’ve had more people than ever before contact me to tell me that Rutendo Moses played a funk set, not a disco set, and i look forward to more of that when incorrectly announce him again next moth when he comes back for part 2 of the poolside disco. Meantime however, today you’re stuck with me, with a meander through various sub genres of tech house, possibly or possibly not including also melodic house and techno, deep house and others. hey – remember those days when i would just come on and announce the DJ and shut up? I should get back to that i think. and speaking of possibly unnecessary extensions to the intro, don’t forget tat we’ve got even more of our old mixes online, this month including 6, 9 , 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 21, 22,24, 25, 30, 36, 60, 62, 64, 71, 72, 73 and 74. But that’s realy now enough talking. July 2021 Tech House Promo – let’s get to it!

1. Luca Guerrieri – Harmony
2. Sneaky Sound System – Can’t Help The Way That I Feel (Casual Connection Remix – Extended Mix)
3. False Identity (UK) – Party Time (Original Mix)
4. John Summit – Make Me Feel (Original Mix)
5. DJ Sniper – Jack (Original Mix)
6. Harry Romero – Say Yeah! (Original Mix)
7. Ordonez – What You Got (Original Mix)
8. Thommy Davis, Greg Lewis – Hot (MicFreak Remix)
9. Strange_Mode – Panik (Bumich Remix)
10. Carlo Marani – I Can’t Feel It (Extended Mix)
11. Lisa Jane – The Best (Original Mix)
12. Rod Carrillo, Diego Brown – Bailate (Short Mix)
13. Dave Manali – Purple Haze (Original Mix)
14. Mosquis – There It Is (Original Mix)
15. Sergii Petrenko – Old School (Dub Mix)
16. Yell Of Bee – Laid Back Snack Attack (Dub Mix)
17. Ghedzo РChime (phyzxx Ty V̦e Remix)
18. Groovecat – Funky Beat (Original Mix)
19. Hynka – Dance Under Sauce (Razzer Remix)
20. Techno Mama – Race (Oziriz Dub Remix)
21. Starax – Mess (Original Mix)
22. Raumlehre – Drift Velocity (Original Mix)
23. Nolek – In My Soul (Original Mix)

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    01. The Vault (original mix)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    02. The Vault (original dub)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    RGR-POD-106: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 11 – 100 BPM) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
    Phil Wilshaw

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