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RGR-POD-100.5: PREgenerate Part 5: Hands up House – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

admin | March 17, 2021

Hello and welcome to the fifth part of Episode 100 of the Regenerate Podcast. I’m your host, Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6, and I’m excited to once again be bringing you the biggest and best of Regenerate. As i’m pretty sure you know by now, Phoenix 6 have cast thie mind back to the times before regenerate and delved into the archies to find all those songs from before Regenerate started, without which there would be no Regenerate. I can promise you you some stuff you’ll know, and some stuff you’ve never heard of. No matter what though, you’ll have a lot of fun, and we’ll also be looking back at some of the fun we’ve had over those 100 episodes, with some interesting Regenerate stats and facts. We’ll bring you all of this, every 100 hours through March and April.

1. Chakra – I am (Digweed & Muir’s Dream Dub)
2. First picture of you – First picture of you – lost in music mix
3. Libra Presents Taylor – Calling your Name
4. Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm (Good Mix)
5. Deep Dish – Stay Gold
6. Chicane – Lost You Somewhere (Original Version)
7. Staccato – i Wanna know (Dekkard’s bubble dub)
8. Hondy – Hondy (No Access) (Salone Margherita Mix)
9. Duderella featuring Shelley Nelson – Top of the World (Double Shuffle’s Prozac Dub)
10. Ninth Planet – it’s about time (Original Mix)
11. Intrique – Intrique – Latino Nights (Timecode Remix)
12. Velvet Girl – Velvet (Chiller Twist
13. Tilt – My Spirit (vocal)
14. Mothers Pride – Floribunda (Big C Remix)
15. Airscape – Amazon Chant (Never Ending Vocal)
16. Airscape – Pacific Melody (Original Mix)
17. Sash! – Mysterious Times (Superstring Remix)
18. Grace – Not Over Yet (BT’s Spirit Of Grace)
19. Tina Cousins – Killin’ time (W.I.P. Dub)
20. GT – The Music is Movin (In my soul) (GT Vibal Mix)
21. Da Fool – Meet him at the Blue Oyster Bar
22. Lucky Monkeys – Way Out West ‘Bjangin’ Remix

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    01. The Vault (original mix)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    02. The Vault (original dub)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    RGR-POD-106: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 11 – 100 BPM) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
    Phil Wilshaw

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