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RGR-POD-019: House Party at the Playboy Mansion (Part 3) – Mixed by Regenerate

admin | April 1, 2006

Hello, and welcome from me a very exhausted Phil Wilshaw, to you the wonderful listeners of the Regenerate podcast.

This is episode number 18, and the third of 4 where we’re going to bring you the soundtrack of our houseparty at the playboy mansion night in the main room at LSU. This is actually from the first one back in Decemeber, but we’ve just had another incredible night, seeing all of Loughborough come out in their finest bunny costumes, we gave away a limo ride, had indoor fire dancers, and literally god knows what else. After that we did it all again for Regenerate Miami, teaming up with our old chums Frase and the guys from Motion, and knocked it out of the park.

Still not sure? Time to listen to some of the music from the first playboy night, and you’ll be sure to come every week going forward…oh oh oh, and while we completely messed up recording the audio from both our biggest gigs this month, we did manage to get the video, and we can’t wait to publish the highlights reel n our website soon – as soon as i get time to edit it!

The next regenerate is 26th APril, and i will see you there!

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    01. The Vault (original mix)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    02. The Vault (original dub)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    RGR-POD-106: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 11 – 100 BPM) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
    Phil Wilshaw

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