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RGR-POD-100.3: PREgenerate Part 3: Warmup Trance – Mixed by Phoenix 6

Phoenix 6 | March 9, 2021
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    RGR-POD-100.3: PREgenerate Part 3: Warmup Trance – Mixed by Phoenix 6
    Phoenix 6

Hello, hello, and welcome to the third part of our Episode 100 spectacular. You’re listening of course to the Regenerate Podcast, as always, with me Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. It’s 8AM on 9th march 2021, and exactly 100 hours since we dropped the second of 9 mixes celebrating the 18 year history of regenerate. Right now w’re moving on to the third, and the next will be in another hundred hours all throughout March and into April. Rather than a look back on Regenerate’s biggest tracks, which we did for our 10th birthday, we’ve taken a slightly different approach and delved into the archives to find all those songs from before Regenerate started, without which there would be no Regenerate. I can promise you loads of huge tracks, including, shock horror, some UK top 10 records. Alongside these mixes, we’ll also be bringing you some memories from the best times we’ve had, and some interesting Regenerate stats and facts.

1. Solarstone – Seven Cities (Original Atlantis Mix)
2. cygnus x – superstring (rank 1 original mix)
3. Liquid Child – Diving faces
4. Ventura – BIRDS
5. Katcha – Touched By God (Alfie Conn Mix)
6. Rodd-Y-Ler – Lifesigns
7. System F – Original 12″ Version
8. Kamaya Painters – Endless Wave (Albion Mix)
9. R Hagen and Pascal M – Forever
10. Energy 52 РCaf̩ del Mar (Three n One 2002 Update Remix)
11. Johan Gielen – Velvet Moods (Tiesto
12. Paul Van Dyk – Another Way (Club Mix)
13. Rank 1 – Airwave (Rank 1 Vs. Dutchforce Remix)
14. JPS Projects – Found an Angel

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    01. The Vault (original mix)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    02. The Vault (original dub)
    Phil Wilshaw

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    RGR-POD-106: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 11 – 100 BPM) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
    Phil Wilshaw

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